Personalised Support

Here at LD:NorthEast, our team know how important it is to live life to the full. Our Personalised Support outreach activities support people with learning disabilities and other needs to do just that, some of whom may have been assigned a personal budget by the local authority. This can include personalised support with social, leisure, health and wellbeing, learning and employment, culture, daily living skills, travel and much more. Support is offered in group and individual settings and can range from a few hours at a time to full weeks or several days at a time on a short break.

Individual Outreach

Supporting people on a one to one basis to do the things they want to do. This might include:

  • Getting out and about in the community

  • Volunteering

  • Support with health and well-being

  • Days or nights out to museums, concerts, sporting events, etc.

  • Support going on a short break, either individually or with friends

  • Activities such as art, gardening, sport or music

Group Outreach

Getting together with a small group of friends and choosing activities such as:

  • Theatre / cinema nights out

  • Physical activities such as swimming, walking, football or outdoor adventure

  • Social evenings

  • Music, art and culture

  • Cooking and dining

  • Gardening and growing vegetables / plants

Community Inclusion Programme

Groups of between 3 and 6 people:

  • Employment and volunteering

  • Social skills, confidence and friendship

  • Healthy living, cooking and budgeting

  • Independent travelling / keeping safe

  • Creative arts, music and drama

For more information please contact our Personalised Support Team on 0191 2622261 or